I wonder is she’s going to be a bridesmaid.

That’s what it looks like. She’s so pretty here.

Kinda hard to tell here with the filter but it seems like this is during daylight and she’s definitely at Bill’s house, that’s his tacky wallpaper.



I wonder is she’s going to be a bridesmaid.

That’s what it looks like. She’s so pretty here.

Kinda hard to tell here with the filter but it seems like this is during daylight and she’s definitely at Bill’s house, that’s his tacky wallpaper.

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So I was visiting the imdb boards for the first time when I saw someone mention that Sookie’s tribute has already posted at truetotheend. That’s right: the protagonist doesn’t even get that place of honor. Guess it’s going to Bill next week.

As you can imagine the comments section is a war zone of everything ranging from smart criticism to misogynistic hate to people who are incapable of typing a sentence longer than “Sookie and Bill forever!!!!!111” Special shout out to the one person who mentioned domestic violence and abusive relationships and was promptly accused of being “ohiogirl and her minions”. High five :) All in all there’s a lot of mindless ass-kissing to HBO from people who lack viewer comprehension skills.

The skills and captions they used center around the men in her life obviously. Of course they can’t acknowledge that she actually loved and protected Eric in S4 so they used a picture of the icky threesome dream. Ew.

Please head on over and defend our heroine if you can stomach it.




Sookie, you could have seen so much more with Eric. :(

The minute Buckner took over, that was tossed out the window.

Is it just me or is her smile so insincere during this scene?  It actually makes me cringe.

I’ve seen Anna go just a bit over the top with that smile sometimes but usually it seems sincere.

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Anonymous said: The only time i saw real chemistry between AP & AS was when she learned Eric had hep v. other than that, i never really saw it. I kind of find AP & SM to have chemistry, but not the tension chemistry kind they should have. To me it is just obvious they are married b/c of the way they act on the show. What do you think?



I find AP and AS to have great chemistry, in every little interaction they have. Their scenes are always loaded with it for me.

AP and SM are trickier. I thought they had some chemistry earlier on, but as the show progressed, it became less and less so. Now, I always thought that was deliberate, specific acting and directing choices. To showcase that Bill wasn’t who he pretended to be, etc. 

These days? Their interactions just feel incredibly forced. I cringe, frankly, and it’s not simply because I don’t like Bill. I just find them to have a negative sort of chemistry: it’s so awkward, it just feels wrong.

Honestly, if I didn’t know they were married in real life, it would never, in a million years, have occurred to me base on their on-screen interactions. They appear thoroughly uncomfortable with each other to me. 

Of course that’s a personal perception. Others may see it differently. 

I agree. I think AS and AP are always exciting to watch, which translates to chemistry for me. Unfortunately, AP and SM are downright boring, particularly now, so I’m at a loss about their supposed chemistry.

Anonymous said: I keep looking at the gifs of Eric from E8, especially the ones with Sookie. His expressions are heartbreaking. Alex really does have an amazingly expressive face. Yeah, he's ridiculously good looking and charming but he really is a very fine actor. And maybe it's just me, but Anna seems to to a better job acting during the Sookie/Eric scenes.




It’s not just you. :) 

Honestly, for me, looks are sort of secondary. Hollywood is chock-full of good looking people. Those who stand out are the ones who can reach you by doing something else. Conveying things in a way that gets you. And yes, AS is very, very good. :)

I think what is very clear is that he also has a much better chemistry with AP than there is between AP and SM. They just spark off of each other. There is so much in simple looks and gestures, in the voices even, between Eric and Sookie that is simply lacking between Sookie and Bill. 


I think so too. It is such a shame no none thought this chemistry should be used instead of the ” husband and wife”.

It has become apparent even to complete non-shippers, people who have zero interest in the love triangle, that Paquin has much better chemistry with Skarsgard than Moyer. They are just more entertaining to watch.

It’s funny (in a painful sort of way) to watch the current group of viewers and reviewers discover this as if it’s some new revelation. It has been two seasons since they were allowed much interaction (since season four), so a lot of turnover has occurred in the reviewers and viewers. The original audience figured this out in seasons 2-4, then the writers separated Eric and Sookie for two seasons, now the current audience is (re)discovering it. The new fans start by saying things like, “I don’t see why you guys are so gung-ho for Eric, or Eric and Sookie. Bill is a good guy, too, and you should just chill.” Seven episodes later, “Bill is the absolute WORST! They’re so boring together. Sookie really ought to pick Eric.” You can almost see the new viewers slowly figuring it out, “Oh. That’s why most of the long-term fans ship Sookie and Eric.”

Now if only the writers would admit it, we’d be watching a much different (and better) show. 

And yes, Skarsgard’s looks are secondary to his skill at conveying emotion. He makes you care about the characters he portrays, and empathize with them, and that’s a rare quality. A toned body and pretty face are not rare in Hollywood. He’s also tremendously charismatic. Even when he’s not being pretty (his triumphant scene when he was healed—blood on his teeth and looking scary), he is magnetic and hard to look away from. Part of it is his size—he can really dominate the screen. What I find lovely, though, is that he is very unselfish—he always lets his co-stars shine when it’s their moment.

I think that’s what helps him have such great chemistry with ALL his costars. He gives them room to perform. He certainly brings out the best in almost all the actors I have seen him with. That may explain his immense chemistry with Paquin. He lets her be the star when it’s her turn, and she responds to that. 

From what I understand, acting with others is supposed to be a collaborative exercise. You pay attention to the other person, not just the words from the script, but their body language, expressions, and how they speak their lines. Then you adjust your responses accordingly. Skarsgard is extremely focused on his scene partner when he acts with someone, particularly someone he is comfortable with. I think that focus, and his subtle reactions to the other actor, help to make their performance better. They have a “live” sounding board, and it makes them more into it (versus acting with a wooden, or “dead” counterpart who gives you nothing to work with).

From my observations, while Moyer is fine by himself, and can give a very moving monologue, he isn’t very reactive to the other actors. Especially when he has a long speech—he tends to focus on conveying the emotion his character is feeling rather than noticing his costar’s response. This makes him somewhat wooden in his responses to the other actors, and may explain his lack of chemistry with Paquin. She’s emoting like crazy, and he’s not responding and giving her anything to work with. In contrast, Skarsgard is intensely focused on her (and all his costars) when they act. He responds to what she says and does. He doesn’t try to hog the limelight, so his responses are usually subtle, but he can convey so much with a slight change in expression or posture. This gives the other actor something to work off of, and they change their expression or emphasis in response, and then the scene comes alive. 

Moyer IS quite good with Deborah Anne Woll (Jessica). I think it’s partially that he doesn’t have as many long monologues with her as he does with Sookie. This may help him to focus on her—she tends to do more talking than he does in their scenes. He also seems better at the father-daughter dynamic than conveying sexual attraction onscreen. You can see him reverting to the paternalistic mode when he’s with Sookie, too. This can be unsettling (I get weird father-daughter vibes between them when he does this; it’s enhanced because of the age difference). Skarsgard is good at being flirty, he slips easily between admiration, tenderness, and challenge. It helps that he’s closer in age to Paquin; when he is protective it doesn’t look so paternalistic. 

All this is a long-winded attempt to explain why a happily married, deeply-in-love couple have such terrible onscreen chemistry. I’m sure they have a great relationship off-screen, but that just doesn’t translate in front of the camera. I wish the writers would stop insisting that it must. I can’t see it, nor can most of the audience—and we’re tired of the writers insisting we are blind. The emperor has no clothes. I don’t care how much you insist that he does, I believe my own eyes, and they tell me he is naked as a jaybird. 

I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn.

I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn.

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Ha! I had the same reaction and Ugh…could it possibly get worse then suddenly seeing veiny, pinch-faced Bill doing the stab and repeat. Well it did get worse after I read the comment. Although the Tom Hiddleston gif was a good one (thx Reema). :)

Now time for the acid wash of my eyes. 

Oh sweet fancy moses the comment was the worst. I wanted to barf. Are people really that stupid? Like do they think that relationship is healthy and sane? I don’t understand it.

Part of me wonders about Bill’s sexual technique tho. Clearly it’s a decision Moyer made (or a director or Ball started it and it stuck) but why? You don’t make your character’s sexual signature a spastic and violent thrusting motion and intend it to be a good thing. It’s not sexy, skillful or considerate to his partner. I can’t believe the cast and crew don’t stand around make jokes about it, it’s just so ridiculous.

I called that “technique” in my recap “Drilling for Oil.” And yes, i wondered, too, about the direction. Because this stuff is choreographed to a T, so every move is a decision. And it’s not sexy, it’s not appealing, it’s not even biologically sound! It’s mechanical and it looks like it would hurt. And not in a good way. 

I really do not understand why they’d do that. Especially in context of what they keep saying about their motivations for this “reunion.” 

Perfect name for it. It’s just … wrong. The first time Bill was with Salome they went from standing on opposite sides of the hallway to full penetration in about 0.6 seconds. I know vampires are sexual beings but someone should tell the writers that vaginas do not work like that.

One thing I’m pondering now is the filming of the scene. I know the writers have said they wanted to recreate not just Sookie and Bill’s romance (because they are stupid) but Anna and Stephen’s as well (because they are assholes who will never work in screenwriting again). It’s one thing to film a scene like this with a friend/coworker but to do it with your spouse must be awful. I don’t care how professional they both are, they’re doing the grunting and trusting while people are standing about, someone’s gotta be constantly touching up the veiny body makeup, and they have to pretend to have sex in front of all their coworkers. It sound like hell to me.



Watching Bill and Sookie having sex is just so weird. All I can think about is Anna and Stephen and how they’re actually married and it feels a little too awkward and intrusive. Like, how much of this is them acting and how much of this is amateur porn?

Not helping that…

Anonymous said: The EW Interview with Craig Chester is vomit inducing. Jesus, do they really think that how first love and death work? Poor people. And how they talk about the actors chemistry and love in real life. How can they blur the lines like this and be surprised about the outcome or why a lot of people don't like the actors anymore.





Hi Anon,

I haven’t read that interview yet and based on what you’ve said, I probably won’t want to. Yeah, it’s hard to not feel cheated because there seems to be a blurring of the lines between reality and fantasy. Looking at last night, there was absolutely zero chemistry and that last seen was gross. Interestingly, many of the reviews are citing the same thing; however, there are some who will always see the chemistry of the actor’s personal lives and pull it into the show. Unfortunately, I think it may have some unexpected consequences. 

Take care!

That article was disgusting! How delusional are these writers? I mean honest to God, just because AP and SM are married in real life does not mean Bill and Sookie belong together. Anyway, they have ZERO on screen chemistry, to the point of embarrassment really.

These dipshit writers are definitely trying to force and ending that is anything but organic. Fuck them. Fuck Buckner and Fuck True Blood.

So, Craig Chester (who, if I’m not mistaken, is not an original writer on True Blood) is saying that just because Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are married in real life, that that basically means the writers wanted to have their characters screw and spend the entire season together?  Despite what was written in the first SIX seasons?  Am I understanding this correctly?

Pretty much. Lily Sparks’ review on TV.com was similarly bizarre. She said she enjoyed the scene because she could imagine that it was Anna and Stephen offered a chance to get it on and vicariously relive their season one memories (falling in love while filming a hit show). Like the audience should be OK with not just breaking, but OBLITERATING the fourth wall to allow Anna and Stephen some baby-free sexy time and nostalgia.

So, millions of viewers who tune in expecting a well-crafted work of fiction (and pay through the nose to do so), should instead enjoy it when their time and money is instead spent to create a professional-quality sex tape for Anna and Stephen? I’ve heard of “fan service”—breaking narrative continuity to give the fans something they want that doesn’t make sense. True Blood has done lots of this over the years. Now we’ve devolved into a whole new level of triviality: “Actor service”. The entire narrative is abandoned to give the actors what they want.

Seven years and millions of dollars invested in producing the show, millions of viewers, and it’s all come down to making a sexy home movie for Anna and Stephen to enjoy. I just—there are no words for how silly and stupid this show has become. 


Anonymous said: Following up my CH/BB comparison, regarding Ohiogurl's response (no Tumblr so I can't respond to her), part of the CH problem with the Sookie/Sam endgame is the most lead up to that HEA wasn't in the books, it was in a short story, which a lot of people didn't read. It really seemed in the end that she hated most everything about that series but the money. I think that BB still likes what he's doing, he just doesn't seem to realize how bad he is at it.





I never read the books, except for a few passages here and there to get an idea. And while I loved the world CH created, her style didn’t do it for me. But yes, the was no effort put into the Sam/Sookie pairing. Short side stories don’t count.

I think Ohiogurl was spot on when she said that CH liked writing sexy, exciting and I think thoughtful? Eric. A lot of effort was put into that relationship, but ultimately too much of a man/vampire for the heroine to end up with. She stubbornly stuck to the “Safer” Option, that didn’t make any sense, yet I did hear that BookSam was quite shady and not such a great friend to Sookie.

CH should have stopped at Book 10, But it seems greed was the incentive to carry on the series that she had already lost interest in and it showed.

What’s clear about BB is that the man is ego driven and totally clueless at being a showrunner. But probably thinks he’s done a great job to conclude the series.  And has some very questionable ideas about what he thinks viewers will find appealing, like a burning penis for instance. The irritating thing is that he can portray characters authentically when it suits him. But just adores Bill the abuser, so it’s all about him. Everything else can to hell in process. The absurdness of the last two seasons can’t be taken seriously, and are irrelevant IMO.

(sort of) unpopular opinion; I believe the Eric/Sookie relationship in the books was mostly fanservice on CH’s part. CH initially planned 3 books, with book 1 being Bill-centered, book 3 featuring the Sookie/Sam endgame, and book 2 being probably a transition between the two romances, perhaps with Eric as a guest star, short-lived flirt. But the books were a hit and the largest part of the readers were Eric fans. I imagine CH’s publisher pushing on CH for more Eric/Sookie interaction and CH begrudgingly accepting to write a few more books centered on Eric/Sookie, but not to change the endgame she envisioned since the beginning. Ironically, this fanservice resulted in some of the best pages of the entire saga and certainly the most exciting and compelling relationship, but that is only a testament to CH’s bad writing, as is her stubbornness in pursuing the endgame she concocted years ago without having a clue of how terribly lame it was compared to Eric/Sookie.

The reason why I think so is that what CH did to Eric/Sookie in the end is so horrible and anticlimatic that it can only be explained with an intense hatred of Eric’s character. I can’t see how a writer could ever hate a character SHE created, unless she was forced to write about him.

I agree. I think CH resented how popular Eric and Eric and Sookie became. She expressed it with comments about Eric in interviews, so I guess she put “him” (and by extension his fans) in his place at the end. Regardless of how much she grew to hate the character, she was careful to sprinkle bits of Eric (even in the books where he’s not a primary character) throughout and lead us all to an end so few wanted.

It’s also quite devious to support her personal “end-game” in the companion books. Those books were not read by the masses, so she didn’t upset the ploy of stringing people along book after book with Eric, yet it provided her an argument that Sam was IT all along.

BB and Co are suffering a similar issue with Eric being the most popular character, again. The difference here is that TB hasn’t taken the same tact of promising the possibility of an E/S end-game, even though that’s what most of us want. They have stuck with B/S from the beginning. They have been a constant thread, either when they were together or when they were apart. TB’s biggest issue is that the Bill and Sookie relationship has been written so toxically that, for many of us, there’s no going back. Bill has been so dark, much directed at Sookie, that there is no real redemption for him other than maybe a sacrifice of his life. The message their reunion sends is troublesome and it’s mind-boggling to understand it. (kind of like Sam in the books, but for a different reason)

I agree with him-e and hsm, but I don’t think she was “forced” to write Eric and Eric/Sookie until midway through the series. In the early books, she seemed to genuinely enjoy writing him (the flamboyant jumpsuit when he pretended to be gay to accompany Sookie to the orgy, the obscene plant he gave her in the hospital). She even said he was fun to write, compared to Bill. I can believe that, given Bill’s cold, dour, serious nature. Writing Eric must have seemed like a fun holiday after a few books of Bill. 

The problem arose when he became more than a fun fling. Readers responded so positively to him that she was left with a dilemma. Readers and her publisher wanted more Eric and Sookie, but he wasn’t the endgame she had planned. Unfortunately, her response was both venal and childish. She kept accepting money to write more Eric and Sookie, and she strung readers along for 12 books, and then stuck them with a poorly developed Sookie/Sam romance at the last possible moment. Along the way, she grew to resent her Eric fans so much that she decided she had to character assassinate him AND give him an awful ending just to “show” them. What a petty, greedy woman!

Buckner and co. are sort of victims of this. The book series pulled a sudden, unpopular switcheroo when they were already five seasons in (and had filmed most of the sixth season). There wasn’t any way to switch to making Sookie/Sam believable, even if there had been fan outcry to do so. They were stuck with Bill, Eric, or Sookie alone. Based upon how toxic Bill and Sookie had become, and Eric’s popularity, I think Eric and Sookie or Sookie alone would have made the most sense.

But here is where behind-the-scenes maneuvering did make a difference, IMO. Stephen Moyer had become absolutely vital to the show behind the scenes. He directed episodes, he married the star, he mentored the other actors. I get the sense that Anna is dependent on him, partly because of the big age difference, partly because he is outgoing and extroverted, and she is shy and introverted. I think as a favor to him and her, and maybe because they like them so much, the new showrunner chose to go with Bill and Sookie instead of the more popular ending that actually, you know, made sense. Alex’s uncertain status for the final season I’m sure also played a part in that decision.

I still have a faint hope that they will let Sookie end up alone, but I’m sure they will continue to give Bill the limelight. This is a shame, because his character is dramatically played out. He’s done too many awful things to be realistically redeemed, and he isn’t entertaining enough as a character to make a fan-favorite villain. But this is what happens when you marry the star!

I don’t resent Moyer (much); he’s a charming guy, this is a cut-throat business. But between him and his wife, Harris, and Buckner, they have managed to fuck up a very promising story. I certainly won’t be revisiting either books or show in the future, and I’m actively avoiding all of their future work. A little bit because, yes, I do hold grudges, but mostly because their work has proved to be so BAD. I’ll save my money for the people whose skills impressed me: Skarsgard, Ellis, Woll, Wesley, O’Hare, Buck, Trammell, Kwanten, Bauer, Preston, van Straten, Fischer, Oliver, Woo, Kenneth, and Barr. It’s sad that a show with so much talent got derailed by a few less-talented hacks in powerful positions. 

Reblogging again for Ohiogurl’s comments.