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He breaks my heart.

He broke all of our hearts. Alex is just too good at communicating deep feelings and pulling his audience right in with him. It’s all his fault that all we want to do about Eric’s unrequited love for Sookie is cry and cry and cry some more.

Alex ,also,broke our hearts when Eric lost Godric,when Nora betrayed him and then again later when she died. We felt love when he loved and hated where he hated. Alex was the only actor amongst a lot of very talented actors who consistently made us feel what he was feeling. It is no wonder at all that he was the fan favorite and that we all loved him so much.

Sometimes( but not very often) I find myself feeling sorry for BB that he has such a closed heart and mind that he could never see this about Eric because it means he can not feel for fictional characters ( which is possibly why he is such a hack). I feel sorry for any human being who can not feel for fictional characters be they in books or film. They are deprived of such a rich source of emotional stimulation and gratification.

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Eric fucking Northman 


Eric fucking Northman 

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Favorite Eric and Sookie moments (7/~)

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Yes, look at all of those “surprising” romantic undertones.

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